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Introducing the AMD Quad Core Processor

Enterprise servers perform an increasingly formidable array of functions in categories such as messaging, network infrastructure, database service, online transaction processing, data mining, high-performance computing, and virtualized environments. All these functions require a high-speed and balanced system architecture with a robust and scalable architecture.

Professionals who need cutting-edge 32- and 64-bit performance choose workstations powered by AMD OpteronTM processors. Loaded with advanced power management features and built on AMD’s revolutionary Direct Connect Architecture, which provides outstanding system-level performance, platforms based on AMD OpteronTM processors provide ideal solutions for customers running applications in fields such as engineering, manufacturing, financial, entertainment, oil and gas, life sciences, or others that require world-class computational performance.

> Organizations that require fast database transactions or support for numerous users in variable workloads while maintaining rapid response times

> Industries with computational-intensive tasks for financial modeling and scientific applications

> Customers needing large memory capacity combined with high graphics throughput for complex workstation environments

AMD Quad Core Design

Building on the AMD64 platform, AMD OpteronTM processors with Direct Connect Architecture eliminate the bottlenecks inherent in front-side bus architectures and feature unique optimizations designed to increase throughput and reduce latency, including HyperTransportTM technology and an integrated memory controller, which enable a balanced system architecture.

AMD is continuing to drive customer-centric technology leadership by making it easy to transition from dual- to quad-core processors. AMD OpteronTM processors with DDR2 memory are designed for a seamless upgrade path to quad-core computing to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), scale the performance of business applications, and increase capacity without incurring additional costs to the datacenter infrastructure.

With Third-Generation AMD quad core OpteronTM processors, AMD continues its tradition of providing best-in-class performance, advanced leadership in x86 computing, and non-disruptive technology enhancements. Third-Generation AMD Opteron processors introduce new and innovative features that deliver outstanding performance and performance-per-watt efficiencies. More than just four cores, AMD’s Direct Connect Architecture features multi-core technology on a single piece of silicon with directly connected cores, directly connected I/O, and a directly connected memory controller. And Third-Generation AMD OpteronTM processors are designed to do it all in the same power and thermal envelopes as previous AMD OpteronTM processors.

Third-Generation AMD OpteronTM processors introduce Enhanced AMD PowerNow!TM technology, which includes the ability to independently manage the clock frequency of each core for more precise power management, power savings, and lower TCO.

AMD Barcelona ArchitectureThird-Generation AMD OpteronTM processors introduce AMD Balanced Smart Cache, a new cache structure to handle data more efficiently and reduce the latency of accessing main memory. In addition to dedicated L1 and L2 cache on each core, a new shared high-speed L3 cache is designed to improve the core efficiency for better support of multi-threaded virtualization environments.

Third-Generation AMD OpteronTM processors with Direct Connect Architecture and AMD VirtualizationTM (AMD-VTM) technology provide a balanced approach to improve virtualization performance and enable more virtual machines to run per server. Rapid Virtualization Indexing, an enhancement to AMD VirtualizationTM (AMD-VTM) technology in Third-Generation AMD OpteronTM processors, is designed to greatly increase the performance of virtualized applications through hardware-assisted memory management, enabling faster switching between virtual machines. AMD OpteronTM processors with AMD VirtualizationTM (AMD-VTM) technology help datacenter managers migrate to virtualization applications and plan for future virtualization needs.

All systems at Pogo Linux that are based on the AMD platform may now be configured with these third-generation Quad Core Opteron processors.


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