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Pogo Linux introduces their new line of advanced storage servers. The StorageWare NAS series brings you multiple terabytes of SATA-based storage in a 3U package that is painless to configure and use.
StorageDirector 3000
StorageDirector 5000
StorageDirector 7000

• StorageDirector Operating System Features •

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StorageDirector Managed Storage

The Pogo Linux StorageDirector NAS series is affordable, powerful, expandable, and versatile. It's also easy to integrate into your storage network neighborhood. These systems are right at home in digital content production and delivery, file sharing, database storage, and enterprise level backup/archiving of sensitive data.

When interoperability is a must, the 64-bit StorageDirector OS opens the door to the most popular operating systems, including Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows®. We speak your language -be it NFS, CIFS, The StorageDirector NAS operating system helps you seamlessly integrate today's heterogeneous workplace.

While the StorageDirector is an affordable and easy to use alternative to expansive fibre channel SANs, there is no compromise on network features and performance. With enterprise level storage features including:

• NAS and iSCSI (both target and initiator) at the same time

• Remote replication of Mirroring (for failover with two StorageDirectors)

• Multiple & scheduled Snapshots, Backup to tape devices, local or remote file storage systems

• IP SEC support and other network enhancements designed to provide a high level of security not found in Windows environments.

The Pogo LInux StorageDirector is available in several models designed to meet your needs. StorageDirector 3000 series are entry-level, affordable and come with fixed storage capacities from 4TB to 12TB. The StorageDirector 5000 series is fully expandable to well over 100TB using the latest Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drive interface. Rounding out the line is the StorageDirector 7000 series, which is designed from expandability and performance up to six times faster than anything else in it's class.


UPnP/WSDL Server:
The StorageDirector uses Simple Object Access Control (SOAP) to leverage standard management formats (XML) and protocols (HTTPS) to configure multiple servers.

LDAP Client:
The StorageDirector permits user and group authentication to an LDAP server for all network services and even the web based administration. This allows other StorageDirector servers to coexist in an existing LDAP management scheme.

Block Storage (iSCSI)

iSCSI (Initiator & Target):
The StorageDirector has the ability to transport data across networks using the iSCSI protocol. The StorageDirector iSCSI software OS can act as an initiator and a target on the same hardware platform at the same time. This unique feature allows the StorageDirector target and multi-path initiator clients to mirror data between servers and remotely replicate mission critical information for backup procedures.

Error Recovery Level 1 & 2:
The StorageDirector Error Recovery Level 1 (ER1) monitor information packets that are sent over the network from the iSCSI initiator to the iSCSI target. Error Level Recovery 1 also supervises network communication and recovers lost data during transmissions the connections. Error Recovery Level 2 inspects the vitality of the network connection and if a connection goes offline, then the StorageDirector OS searches for an operational connection and redirects all network traffic.

File Sharing

Cross-Platform File Sharing
The StorageDirector supports Windows (SMB/CIFS), Apple (Apple Talk), Unix/Linux (NFS), HTTP, and FTP file sharing protocols for true interoperability.

Access Control List:
The Access Control List (ACL) allows administration to restrict user rights and access policies through the network. The ACL feature is convenient for file share administration and remote network management.

Simple Management

Updates & Security:
The StorageDirector can be updated with signed Red Hat Packages (RPMs) though an USB disk-on-key or USB CD-ROM. In addition, system administrators can turn off network updates and remove unused components if required. The StorageDirector requires authentication protocols through an encrypted channel (HTTPS) and provides protection against security breaks by verifying the change and signature of the system software. The system software signature can be stored as a read-only media file after being downloaded. This is done to keep data secured and restricted from unauthorized users.

Multiple Root Control Services:
The StorageDirector offers Root Control Service (RCS) to the operating system. With RCS, the administrator can add or remove modules, restrict IP access control, and creates NIS domain users, local Windows and LDAP users groups. The StorageDirector grants access to the UNIX shell command through SSL/TLS.

System Monitoring & Alerts:
The Advanced monitoring systems notifies network administrators on health disk status, system temperature, RAID status, and spare drives on their systems. The StorageDirector also generates logs that record monitoring activity on a timely basis.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Remote Replication:
With The StorageDirector’s Remote Replication feature, organizations can improve their business continuation model by backing up directly to disk. This shortens their backup time and can retrieve archived information in a matter of minutes. This allows both public and private organizations that comply with federal regulations to eliminate the traditional form of backup; transferring data into tape, which is time consuming, generates multiple tape copies, and often leaves sensitive information exposed.

Multiple Snapshots:
The StorageDirector snapshot captures data from a single point-in time with the capability to aggregate multiple snapshots in a sequence which can be used for backup or data retrieval purposes.

Remote Mirroring:
With Remote Mirroring, The StorageDirector allows block device replication of logical volumes. The allows network fallover between two storage systems, where two volumes are mirrored to provide some of the best redundancy possible.

High Availability

Hardware and Software RAID:
The StorageDirector offers integrated support that is optimized to work with AMCC 3ware and Areca RAID controllers as well as driver support for most other hardware RAID controllers that support SATA, SAS, SCSI, and Fibre HDD’s. In addition our StorageDirector OS provides Software RAID 1, 10, 5 & 6.

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