The Top 10 Benefits of Liqid Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure in the Data Center

Posted on March 3, 2020 by rawee.k

The static architecture data center will soon be a thing of the past. In the new era of Big Data and Data Sciences, it is vitally important for an enterprise to have a dynamic data architecture aligned with business and technology processes, which scales with business growth and evolves with technological advancements.

Built with an eye for the future, composable IT is leading the way for #data-driven organization’s to adapt to uneven artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads, and ubiquitous dynamic cloud or edge computing applications through the rapid and dynamic deployment your server infrastructure.

With Liqid composable IT solutions on Pogo Linux certified hardware, data center operators can significantly increase data agility, capacity and bandwidth in all environments where lightning-fast, adaptive data manipulation is necessary.

In composability, Driven by the needs of the application vs. the hardware

This focus on provisioning hardware into available compute, storage and networking resources, accelerate time-to-value to meet business and IT demands in real-time.


To address the challenges associated with the evolving virtualized data center, Liqid composability solutions with Pogo certified hardware allows organizations to deploy software-defined infrastructure solutions. If you’ve noticed that your organization’s data center utilization has gone down in recent years, you’re not alone.

A successful data architecture provides clarity about every aspect of the data, which enables data scientists to work with trustable data efficiently and to solve complex business problems. It also prepares an organization to quickly take advantage of new business opportunities by leveraging emerging technologies and improves operational efficiency by managing complex data and information delivery throughout the enterprise.

delivers composable enables to  and services that

A dramatic increase in utilization reduces waste, increases ease of use, and enables the deployment of next-generation software solutions.

Most data centers run at 10-20% utilization. With Liqid, users can orchestrate endless configurations of bare-metal server enrivonments to optimize the hardware resources in their data center by up to 90%.

IT organization that tap into Liqid Composable Infrastructure, experience significant improvement in IT resource utilization, so IT departments can avoid overprovisioning data center hardware and reduce the rising OPEX of manually-configured static architecture frameworks.


Composable infrastructure offers benefits for streamlining and accelerating IT in nearly every business category.
simplifying IT with composable infrastructure has led to fewer IT service calls and faster deployments of IT resources.

In addition to all the tremendous regular technology benefits of composable IT – primarily resource utilization and fast provisioning – Liqid delivers exclusive disaggregated and management capabilities not available in other software-defined composable infrastructure platform alternatives.

Discover the Top 10 Data Center Benefits of Liqid Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure which make it the most comprehensive

to deliver increased efficiency and return on CAPEX, to reduce an organization’s total cost of a data centers ownership

and even faster provisioning with more pools of composable resources, including FPGA and GPU, across multiple fabrics.

📋 #1 – The Most Comprehensive Composability Platform on the Market

There’s a reason why Liqid is referred to as the most composable infrastructure platform available. Together with your underlying server infrastructure, Liqid’s software-defined infrastructure management platform – from the software management APIs and easy-to-use management console, to the multi-fabric network switch and HBA cards – is the only solution you need to get up-and-running.

♾️ #2 – A True Disaggregated Hardware Solution

As a truely composable disaggregated infrastructure solution, Liqid goes above and beyond the storage, network, and compute pooling that many software-defined vendors offer. Liqid’s management console and network fabric switch are software and hardware vendor agnostic which enables true composability with disaggregation – meaning no vendor lock-in.

Together with the disaggregated hardware resources on a corporate network – Including Western Digital, Intel, AMD and other data center technologies – Liqid users can provision bare-metal environments from the OEM hardware manufacters of their choice.

Resources Pools Enable Bare-Metal Server Orchestration.

Experience new levels of resource utilization and operational efficiency.

Organizations Enterprises may realize up to 4x

🌐 #3 – Multi-Fabric Support

Management console and network fabric switch are.

Multi-Fabric management software for bare-metal machine orchestration

Liqid offers unified multifabric support for composability across all major fabric types, and Liqid Command Center Software enables users to dynamically compose services across the appropriate fabric from pooled data accelerator and networking devices.

Anything that can be access on a network fabric

and network fabric orchestration layer

Business Value: Administrators can compose services from pools of CPU, GPU, FPGA, NVMe, and NICs regardless of underlying fabric type.


🛡️ #4 – Fast & Dynamic Provisioning

Quickly accommodate changing needs to meet exact IT demands in real-time without touching a single server. With an open architecture, HBA card and management APIs, data center operators don’t need to be physically proximate to configure any hardware. Instead of going down to the data center to power down a server to move a physical hardware to another server, simply …

Dynamic provisioning of Resources from Policy-based automation process

With many organizations turning to automated applications like artificial intelligence, edge computing, and other applications that demand massive amounts of resources, IT needs a flexible and agile solution to effectively manage their data center on premise while delivering the flexibility often associated with the cloud.

Business Value: Unlock cloud-like agility from your datacenter in real-time with the ability to quickly and easily scale up (or scale down) in just a few clicks – not hours – to meet unforeseen infrastructure needs.

API-driven enables autonomous operations, needs access to all attributes and control layers to modify the system.



🚷 #5 – Hot Add Resources without Touching Hardware

No-Touch / Avoid Physically Proximate


💪 #6 – Command Center Dashboard

Liqid is changing the statically configured data center to dynamically configurable.

Liqid Command Center software is purpose-built to enable dynamic, bare-metal composability utilizing pools of off-the-shelf hardware connected across intelligently managed fabrics.

The software APIs do not obligate the need for additional drivers, agents, or software modules. Since all software live on the fabric, the application layer can easily scale-up based on exact physical-resources required by each workload. Software APIs manipulate resources across bare metal compute nodes, so an enterprise can run any higher-order applications on any hardware, using any fabric.

Business Value: Utilizing the power of Liqid, administrators can dynamically manage, scale, configure and provision everything from bare metal servers and network resources, to FPGAs and GPUs, to entire racks of equipment in a matter of seconds, and reallocate core data center devices on-demand as workflows and business needs evolve.

in a few clicks.

📋 #7 – Multiple Control Methods, including RESTful API & GUI for

  1. Multiple control methods, including RESTful API, GUI
  2. Compose as needed via software

Automate, orchestrate and compose resources at the bare-metal server environments using mu


📋 #8 – Advanced Clustering

Advanced cluster, machine, and device statistics & monitoring

into configurable bare-metal compute nodes.

Scalability isn’t a one-way street. Dynamic as the application changes, system can be bumped up or down.

📋 #9 – Scalable architecture supporting high availability (HA)

Open architecture enbles .

Liqid’s This open architecture approach allows Liqid users to orchestrate endless configuration options of bare-metal compute nodes from disaggregated CPU’s, NVMe SSD’s, GPU’s, NIC’s and FPGA hardware.


📋 #10 – Open Architecture

Reduce data center cost while increasing ROI.

The comprehensive, flexible nature of the Liqid platform ensures businesses will not be locked into a single server vendor or technology. The solution offers enterprise IT teams the flexibility to utilize equipment vendors of their choice.

Business Value: Reduce data center cost while increasing ROI

Disaggregate to separate into component parts (CPU, memory, discrete disks, PCI devices)

System – server, storage devices, network switch