Advanced Storage Servers

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StorageDirector 7000

StorageDirector 7000
High Performance Storage
LightSpeed™ Data Channel

High Performance Expandable Storage Expandable
Fibre Channel Storage-to-LAN Gateway
Convenient 1U Rack Mountable Chassis
Well Configured at: $11,091
Includes: StorageDirector™ NAS Operating System
Simple Web GUI Management
Advanced Monitoring and Alerts
Built-In Backup and Disaster Recovery
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StorageWare DA16
Up to 15TB Redundant Storage

Direct Attached Fibre to SATA
Up to 16 1TB SATA Hard Drives
Up to 15TB Raw Storage
Well Configured at: $8999
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Breakthrough Price-Performance

The LightSpeed™ Data Channel provides a direct wire-speed data path from fiber channel attached storage to demanding file-based applications, bypassing the common bottlenecks of storage systems.  With its innovative architecture, throughput up to 700 MB/sec and over 50,000 SPECsfs OPs is possible, providing three to six times the power of a standard NAS server at a very affordable cost.

Digital Media and HPC Workhorse

Providing a fast storage platform for high demand digital media rendering and editing, the introduction of the StorageDirector 7000 means even small digital production companies can afford top performance.  Because the StorageDirector 7000 fully supports standard NFS and CIFS protocols, no special software or hardware is needed.  Digital media editing requires constant streams of high bandwidth, to allow for real-time editing of video and audio data, and the StorageDirector 7000 is ready for the challenge.

Management and Easy of Use

High performance storage often requires learning about propriety architectures, configuring complex unfamiliar interconnects, or installing unwieldy cluster software.  The StorageDirector 7000 breaks that mold by providing integrated storage management with the StorageDirector OS, allowing easy control over file shares and backups.  Storage expansion is as simple as connecting a fiber channel disk enclosure.