Pogo: Delivering VMware Since 1999

Pogo has been designing virtualized system architectures since the beginning of x86 virtualization. Since those early days, the number of networking, storage, and hypervisor options has grown dramatically. Now that virtualization is an essential component for any IT department, it is more important than ever to have a trusted partner that understands the technology. With so many years of experience, Pogo has the proven expertise to help architect solutions for even the most challenging environments.

Traditional Architecture

Architecting the Right Solution

Pogo’s virtualization experts consider every facet of an organization’s infrastructure. This includes their budgetary and software requirements when architecting the right solution. Each architecture is designed from the ground up with careful consideration given to storage, host, network, software, and overall workload requirements. Pogo’s design philosophy is centered on minimizing complexity while maximizing value to create the perfect virtualization solution.

Choose from a full line of VMware Ready servers

Pogo Linux virtualiztion servers can be customized to fit any workload and budget. For more information about how a Pogo Linux solution powered by VMware can exceed your expectations, call us at 1-888-828-POGO or send an email to sales@poglinux.com.

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