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Why Certified

The best Open Storage SAN/NAS deserves the best hardware and service.

Review all the reasons why you should choose the Nexenta Certified StorageDirector Z Series solution from Pogo Linux.

Nexenta Certifed Hardware
Nexenta Certifed Hardware
• The StorageDirector Z Series models have been included in an exclusive list of Nexenta certified hardware solutions
• This high-level recognition means that our StorageDirector Z Series solutions features only Nexenta certified hardware components, ensuring our platform is optimized for NexentaStor network environments

Nexenta Trained Technical Support Nexenta Trained Technical Support
• Each Pogo Linux technician has successfully completed the extensive training requirements necessary to become a Nexenta certified engineer
• Additionally, as part of our standard Pogo Complete plan, our comprehensive NexentaStor knowledge means you get resolutions – not runarounds – to Tier 1 support issues

Pogo Complete Maintenance Plan Pogo Complete Maintenance Plan
• Each StorageDirector Z system order – whether it's a managed appliance or HA cluster SAN – includes our comprehensive Pogo Complete maintenance support plan
• This standard support package includes unlimited Tier 1 e-mail and phone support from in-house Certified Nexenta Engineers at Pogo Linux – a great value to NexentaStor end-users!

Real-World Deployments Real-World Deployments
• Benefit from almost 3 years of real-world NexentaStor installations to hit the ground running with your own StorageDirector Z deployment
• Leverage our in-house knowledge and technical experience that spans vertical industries – including higher education, government and telecommunications