Scale-Out Object Storage

QuantaStor's object storage implementation addresses the need for less expensive, yet more scalable platforms for storing petabytes of unstructured data. By integrating and extending Ceph storage technology, QuantaStor supports scale-out object storage via S3 and SWIFT compatible REST based protocols that scale to 64PB of storage and 64 appliances per grid.

Scale-out S3/SWIFT Object Storage Architecture

QuantaStor provides a robust scale-out object feature set 
Protocol Support Supports both S3 and SWIFT protocol access.
Typical Applications Storage of photos on social media sites, songs on music services such as Spotify, and cloud file stores like Dropbox.
Use Cases Archive, Video, Cloud, Research data lakes, collaboration, home directories.
Fault Tolerance Supports Erasure Encoding & Replicas to ensure high-availability and fault-tolerance.
Management “Single pane of glass” for management of the entire cluster with up to 20 clusters per grid.
File System
  • Leverages Ceph technology.
RAID Support
  • Supports RAID hardware acceleration and hardware management.
Scalability Scales from 3 to 64 nodes and 64PB of raw storage.

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