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Estimate the value of running the next-generation
Intel® Xeon® server technologies in your small data center.

Conduct a server refresh ROI analysis of legacy single-core servers to Pogo Linux Iris Servers – powered by Intel® Xeon® 5600 Processor 5600 Series – with a FREE online sales tool.

  Intel® Xeon® Server Refresh Savings Estimator
Intel Xeon Server Refresh Savings Estimator
15x Server Performance 15x Server Performance
Get better server computing over existing single-core, dual-socket servers. Ideal for cloud applications, database serving or server virtualization.
Complete ROI in 1 Year Complete ROI in 1 Year
With a 15:1 server consolidation ratio, IT departments can get a return on their investment in under 1-year.
15:1 Server Consolidation 15:1 Server Consolidation
Consolidate up to 15 legacy systems, such as streaming media or file servers, to a single Intel Xeon 5600 server powered by the all-new processor!
Up to 90% Energy Savings Up to 90% Energy Savings
Migrate multiple resource-intensive workloads, such as database and web servers, to fewer servers and realize up to 90%3 lower operating costs.
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