Pogo Linux Support Guidelines

Support Guidelines

Pogo Linux prides itself on providing our customers with the best support in the industry. The following support policy guidelineshave been put in place to ensure you recieve the highest level of service for your Pogo Linux system.

1. If you plan to modify the system configuration of your Pogo Storage system – this includes adding or removing hardware components – please contact Customer Support beforehand, so that we may update your customer records. This guideline allows us to advise you on hardware knowledge that may be pertinent to the hardware modification you plan to perform on your system. Additionally, it ensures that we have the most up-to-date system configuration details in our customer records, in the event there are future technical support issues.

2. Before calling Customer Support, please have ready the serial number, order number and product model of your Pogo Storage system. While we are able to look up your system in our customer records, being prepared beforehand will speed the support process.

3. If you experience a hardware component failure on your Pogo Storage system, we will assign an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to your support issue and provide a replacement part – provided the system is still within the warranty period. Customer Support will contact you with the shipping information and tracking number on the day the shipment goes out.

After receipt of the replacement hardware component, you will then be obligated to return the original, defective hardware back to Pogo Storage within 15 days, or be billed for that item. Customer Support is more than willing to assist you in returning the defective hardware.

4. As part of the standard Pogo Linux system warranty, return-to-depot service is available in the unlikely event that your system cannot be diagnosed fixed with a replacement hardware component. Technical Support will initiate an Return System Authorization (RSA) to return the system back to our facility for repair. Turn around time for an RSA is approximately 5 business days.

Additionally, if you've purchased on-site service warranty with your Pogo Storage system – after Technical Support has property diagnosed your technical support issue and outlined this procees as the only viable outcome – we will ship any necessary replacement hardware component and dispatch a technician to your site.

5. While Technical Support covers all hardware issues that you may encounter with your system, support for software outside of the pre-installed Linux distribution is limited. We will provide any support necessary to get your computer up and running in a basic state. Network connectivity issues, including but not limited to Apache web server, sendmail and other special configurations, are not officially supported, however, we will be happy to help you out in these situations, within reason.

If you wish to contact Technical Support, please call, e-mail or submit a contact request form during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday between 9AM - 5PM Pacific Time, and one of our highly-trained Linux support technicians will contact you shortly.

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