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New things. Big things. Intel Solutions Summit 2016.

Pogo has just returned from Orlando, Florida where we attended the Intel Solutions Summit 2016. ISS is the annual event where Intel execs give presentations to their partners, sharing juicy details about their current and upcoming projects. Now that the … Continue reading

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Pogo Linux on Bad Voltage!

Last week, Pogo Linux CEO Erik Logan was interviewed on Episode 62 of the popular technology podcast, “Bad Voltage.” Bad Voltage has become renowned for their irreverent takes on open source, technology, politics, gaming, music, and the internet. Equally importantly, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu with RAID 1 – Whatever It Takes

One of the reasons people trust Pogo Linux to help them solve their IT challenges is they know how much research and development goes into our products. Our engineering team leaves no stone unturned in the process of certifying our … Continue reading

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Two Cities, Two Free Open Source Events

Now that summer has ebbed and autumn is taking hold, our open source trade show schedule is cranking up once again. This Friday, we’re thrilled to return to Columbus for Ohio LinuxFest. Then later in October we’re sponsoring SeaGL 2015 in … Continue reading

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3D XPoint: Intel and Micron disrupt the memory industry

The first new class of memory in 25 years 1989 was a good year. Gas was less than a dollar per gallon; Intel unveiled the 486 series CPU; the Berlin Wall came down; and Nintendo released the first Game Boy. … Continue reading

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Ultimate Computing Power in a Nearly Silent Workstation

Maximum available computing power peacefully residing under your desk Big computing doesn’t always happen at the data center. Sometimes you need maximum computing power right there at your desk. Unfortunately, being in same room as a maximum-performance pc can be like sharing … Continue reading

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Kato is a successful Silicon Valley startup with an ongoing mission to disrupt the dated methodology of reliance on email for corporate communications. They have developed a revolutionary messaging platform that enables teammates to engage in ongoing conversations via instant message, voice, and video … Continue reading

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In the Cloud or Build Your Own?

“Cloud computing” is everywhere these days, making it seem like anyone not on the cloud bandwagon is in the IT dark ages. The Cloud has moved to the center of the IT world, promising a cheap, easy alternative to building … Continue reading

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Intel Xeon 2620 v2 vs. v3 CPU: Benchmarked

We have already said a lot about the impressive features of the new Intel® Xeon® platform, but at the end of the day, we all know that performance numbers speak louder than words. When a new CPU family arrives in … Continue reading

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The Next New Thing: Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v3 Product Family Launch

Every day, the IT world is bombarded with hundreds of product announcements. Some are interesting, some are boring, and some downright forgettable. When Intel releases a new processor, however, it is truly an event.   We are talking about a … Continue reading

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