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DataBolt – Getting the Most From 12Gb/s SAS

Avago Technologies DataBolt™ Technology makes it possible to have 12Gb/s connections running at a full 12Gb/s regardless of drive speed. Our new video featuring Ben Smith from Avago Technologies and Pogo CEO Erik Logan gives you a quick overview on how … Continue reading

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Pogo SSD Week – See the new video

Pogo Linux begins “Pogo SSD Week” with ‘A Brief History of Solid State Drives,’ detailing the modern history of SSDs   Welcome to Pogo SSD Week!  In honor of the recent launch of our Iris XF Servers, all featuring solid … Continue reading

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Understanding the storage technologies in the StorageDirector Z Series ZFS NAS

Intelligently manage storage throughout your organization. Ideal workloads include hosted services, media streaming, data archiving, off-site disaster recovery or an application or file server. High Scalability ZFS NAS / SAN The StorageDirector Z2 Foundation gives network administrators a low-cost, scale-out … Continue reading

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