About Us

Here at Pogo Linux, we have a vast product line that provides a ton of customizable features at great price points -- but that's not all we are. What really sets us apart isn't what we build, it’s how we build it, sell it, and most of all it's how we support it, especially once it’s out in the “wild.” Like you, we’re tech people. We live and breathe tech. We truly understand what it’s like to work in IT — the late nights at the office, working with end users, and the general knowledge that when “fires” flare up, you’re the one people look to for a solution.

Users count on you to “keep the trains running on time.”

That’s the approach we take here at Pogo. We know a broken computer isn’t just a broken computer — it means someone can’t use their email, access critical files, or just generally get their work done. At Pogo, supporting our customers means supporting not just you, but the users behind you. It means doing whatever we can to make your job easier. We know it’s bigger than you, and we do our best to keep that in mind in every interaction you have with us. ~The Pogo Team

Founded in 1999, Pogo Linux, Inc. is an open-source systems integrator headquartered in Redmond, WA. With a multi-OS focus and in-house technical expertise, we offer a wide range of servers, workstations, and network storage solutions for the technology needs of IT departments in organizations of all sizes.

Why Choose Pogo Linux

With many options available in the commodity hardware market, the search for a reliable technology partner can be a challenge. While many offer competitive pricing, the bottom-line cost is still only one piece of the equation. IT professionals need greater overall value in solution, service, and support. Over the course of our 15 years in business, IT departments in small- and mid-sized organizations – including SMBs, Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies and higher education – have relied on Pogo Linux for all their technology infrastructure needs.

Hardware Built for Open-Source

With a decade and a half of system design experience, Pogo Linux is an established expert in software and hardware compatibility. After establishing ourselves with a Linux focus, our attention then widened to all of the other OS platforms. We also pride ourselves in our fluency with Solaris, Free BSD, Windows, NexentaStor and all of the other platforms our customers integrate into their network infrastructure. The results are robust and reliable systems engineered to integrate easily into multi-OS environments.

Complete Customization

Although we offer a wide-range of technology solutions designed to meet most customer's IT objectives, we understand that your goals may include unique and very specific requirements. Beginning with a pre-sales consultation to outline project needs, our highly-trained sales staff work alongside experienced system engineers to design custom-built systems tailored to address your unique network environment.

Deep Technology Knowledge

Pogo is dedicated to giving you the confidence to run your organization's most critical business applications. Your Pogo Linux system is backed by the most experienced in-house support team in the business. If you encounter an issue at any point after receiving your system, please contact us immediately. Our world-class team of knowledgeable support engineers will work closely with you to ensure the performance of your systems meets or exceeds your expectations.

Unparalleled Service

Backed by one of the hardware industry's longest warranties – 3 years from delivery date – Pogo Linux remains your trusted and reliable technology partner long after your order ships. We maximize system up-time with an advanced component replacement and return-to-depot warranty that ensures your Pogo Linux systems are always up and running.

Strong Technology Partnerships

Leverage our long-standing channel distribution relationships. Since 1999, Pogo Linux has worked directly with top-tier technology manufacturers – including Intel® (Platinum Technology Provider), AMD, Avago/LSI-3ware, and SanDisk among others – to implement our solutions. Coupled with Pogo Linux support, priority access to technical resources from such industry leaders means your organization is recieving the best support in the industry.

From a single database server to a complete data center deployment, Pogo Linux offers a wide range of servers and network storage solutions for just about every IT project. Discover our passion to merge business with Open-Source technologies today by e-mailing us at sales@pogolinux.com or calling 1 (888) 828-POGO (7646).

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