Case Studies

There is a story behind every product we sell. From the simplest web server to the largest storage solution, every customer has a unique situation. The following case studies illustrate how several organizations benefited from Pogo solutions.

Customer Spotlight

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"As soon as we deployed our first Pogo server, we were able to get our build and release times down from over two hours to about twenty minutes!"

– Brian Pontarelli, SEO of Inversoft

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Kato improved their customer experience by migrating their business communication service from a cloud provider to their own servers, built by Pogo. They experienced a performance increase and improved their bottom line.

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After doing their best to make it work, the developers at Inversoft had to accept one simple truth: The public cloud solution that hosted their development environment was impeding their ability to serve their customers.

Case Study - Inversoft
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When Blue Box, a leading provider of Ruby on Rails hosting solutions, needed to expand their small business data center to support more cloud-based customers, they turned to Pogo Linux to get the best Open-Source-supported hardware in the industry.

Case Studt - Blue Box Group
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Learn how Impulse eliminated a single-point of failure to its voice and data services with a Nexenta certified business continuity solution, at a fraction of the cost of legacy SAN technologies without sacrificing enterprise-grade HA features.

Case Study – Impulse
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GoWireless confidently implements NexentaStor™ to tame challenges of fast growth today and to lay groundwork for cloud computing tomorrow.

Case Study - GoWireless

From a single database server to a complete data center deployment, Pogo Linux offers a wide range of servers and network storage solutions for just about every IT project. Discover our passion to merge business with Open-Source technologies today by e-mailing us at or calling 1 (888) 828-POGO (7646).

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