The Future is Here – Super Dense Twin Servers

Posted on September 9, 2016 by Rachel B
Twin Servers from Pogo Linux - Density is your destiny

Hello, McFly! It’s not 1985 any more. Rack space at the data center is expensive. Not only that, system power consumption is always a concern. System density is more important than ever. Pogo has the solution: Deploy twin servers! Two heads are better than one, right?

Iris 4882

This is heavy, Doc. The Iris 4882 shoehorns eight full-featured servers into one 4U box. Each hot-swappable server boasts a pair of Intel Xeon™ processors, up to 2TB of memory, and six 2.5″ SAS/SATA drive bays. Downtime is virtually eliminated by the four redundant power supplies.

• Eight compute nodes in 4U
• Double density and computing power
• Fit up to 84 servers in a 42U standard rack
• Independent power control for each node on front panel
• Independent cooling control

Configure your own Iris 4882 twin server

Iris 2482

Great Scott! Downtime is a thing of the past with the Iris 2482. This 2U rack mount box is all about hot-swap. It runs 4x hot-swappable compute nodes, 2x 2000 watt redundant power supplies, and 3x hot-swap 3.5″ SATA drives per node.

• Four hot-swappable compute nodes in 2U
• Double density and computing power
• Fit up to 84 servers in a 42U standard rack
• 12x hot-swappable SATA 3.5″ drive bays
• Redundant 2000 watt power supply

Configure your own Iris 2482 2U twin server

Iris 1228TP

Where you’re going, you may not need roads. However, you will need maximum computing power in your 1U box. You will also need the piece of mind of two 1000 watt redundant power supplies running your pair of hot-swappable compute nodes.

• 88 cores in single 1U
• Double density and computing power
• 2x hot-swap compute nodes
• 2x 1000 watt redundant hot-swap power supplies

Configure your own Iris 1228TP 1U twin server

Iris 1228

Mr. Strickland says don’t be a slacker. Don’t let him down. Opt for the Iris 1228, packing a pair of dual Xeon powered nodes in a diminutive 1U server box.

• 48 cores in single 1U
• Support heavy network traffic & computing intensive applications
• 2x Hot-Swap SAS/SATA drive bays per node
• Fit up to 84 servers in a 42U standard rack

Configure your own Iris 1228 1U twin server

If you don’t have 1.21 gigawatts of power allotted for your server rack, check out our whole line of high density twin servers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us for a custom configuration!