Join Pogo Storage for live product demos at INTEROP and discover how to maximize your enterprise storage leveraging the power of sTec SSDs

LAS VEGAS, May 7, 2013 – Pogo Storage, a leader in ZFS and Open Storage products and certified sTec Gold Partner, will demo the advantages of Pogo’s Storage Director products featuring sTec solid-state drives (SSDs) in challenging environments such as enterprise cloud, virtualization, and databases. Pogo’s storage products combine the value of ZFS (Open Storage) and caching with sTec flash-storage devices to enhance performance and provide improved cost savings – lower cost per user and cost per transaction — compared to traditional legacy storage deployments.

Pogo President Erik Logan and sTec experts will co-present the live demos hourly from May 7-9th in the Mandalay Bay Exhibit Hall, Pogo Storage Booth #517.  They will demo a Storage Director system featuring a mirrored sTec s800 Series SAS SSDs that delivers high-performance, sustained reads and scalability from a 2-terabyte sTec s842 — the highest-capacity SAS SSD on the market. At the same time, an sTec ZeusRAM® SAS SSD with DRAM will deliver low-latency and durability necessary to address write-intensive applications and tasks. The demos will show the ability to maintain high IOPS in a system configured for large-capacity, using the IOMeter disk benchmark test. Pogo Storage Director systems with sTec SSD technology are ideal for industries with I/O-intensive and caching applications, such as government, oil & gas, hosted services, health care and professional services.

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