Trade Shows and Star Wars

Posted on February 2, 2015 by Rachel B

What Does SCaLE and Star Wars Have in Common?

It’s that time of year again. The snow hasn’t even started to melt and we already have a bunch of trade shows on the calendar. It’s going to be a busy season, but here at Pogo, that’s how we like it. Our first show of 2015 is SCaLE 13x (Southern California Linux Expo) at the LAX Hilton from February 19th to 22nd.

As always, the organizers have lined up a wealth of great presentations to attend. Definitely a lot on Docker, DevOps, Linux, and other open source technologies. Just to give you an idea of how much great information is being shared, we’ve listed five of the sessions (in no particular order) that we are looking forward to.

Hacking your car — the easy way

Many of us here at Pogo have a passion for all things automotive, so this session is right up our alley. Cars are not often thought of as high-tech in the same way as our computers or mobile devices, but there is a lot going on under the hood. The auto industry is constantly bringing more new technologies into the dashboard, particularly in high-end cars. Still, there is an impressive array of technologies you can employ today on the car in your driveway. Nathan Willis from will be telling us about how we can expand the capabilities of our daily driver with open source software and inexpensive hardware. This stuff goes way beyond mere car stereos or GPS units! [ read more ]

Why Scale Up is Like Star Trek and Scale Out is Like Star Wars

Any presentation that has both Star Trek and Star Wars in the title has to be a no-brainer. We’re nerdy like that. All that notwithstanding, this promises to be an interesting session about how to best manage your own galactic fleet of virtual machines. This is presented by author and Red Hat community liaison, Brian Proffitt. We always look forward to discussing computers, Jean-Luc Picard, and TIE fighters. [ read more ]

Introduction to OpenStack

We at Pogo have deployed many OpenStack projects in the past year and strongly advocate it as a cost effective way to deploy a private cloud. If you don’t know anything about OpenStack, now is a great time to learn! You’ll be in good hands, as the presenter is by Rich Bowen from Red Hat and Apache. Though still a small part of the overall IT market, OpenStack promises to continue growing in popularity for the foreseeable future. This is a great technology to add to your toolbox. [ read more ]

How to Thoroughly Insult and Offend People in Your Open Source Communities, or “Your #$%@ $%@&ing sucks and I $%@&ing hate it”

Manners and etiquette are the last things you would expect to learn about at a Linux conference. However, the way we conduct ourselves in the open source community is just as important as the info we share. This promises to be an interesting and humorous look at how to lead by example, and keep the open source community healthy and growing. This entertaining presentation is being conducted by Gina Likins, who has been an expert on netiquette for as long as netiquette has been a word! [ read more ]

Gluster Quickstart

We have deployed Gluster many times for scale out storage. It’s a great solution for maintaining high availability while adding capacity. It’s also very cost effective, as it can run on a huge variety of common hardware. If you’re not already familiar with this technology, Red Hat’s Thomas Cameron will give you a great introduction, along with plenty of tips for a smooth deployment. [ read more ]

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