StorageDirector Z Series ZFS NAS: Understanding the storage technologies

Posted on September 9, 2013 by Rachel B

Intelligently manage storage throughout your organization. Ideal workloads include hosted services, media streaming, data archiving, off-site disaster recovery or an application or file server.

High Scalability ZFS NAS / SAN

The StorageDirector Z2 Foundation gives network administrators a low-cost, scale-out storage platform to expand any NFS, CIFS, iSCSI or Fiber Channel network by up to 192 terabytes. A system head runs NexentaStor Enterprise Edition, while a separate server disk shelf provides the capacity for archiving, replicating, hosting and provisioning data and applications.

Archive data for replication, create an off-site disaster recovery backup, or store virtual datacenter infrastructures. As storage needs grow, the base system configuration can simply be expanded with an additional server disk shelf – up to four shelves in all.

High Availability ZFS NAS / SAN Solution

Based on the StorageDirector Z2 Foundation model, the StorageDirector Z2 HA Cluster delivers increased data and application availability with mirrored dual systems configured for an active-active pair. Using the Nexenta HA Cluster software plug-in to run two instances of NexentaStor, each system provides access to storage while also providing a fail-over option for the other system. Eliminate a single point of failure the perfect low-cost, high-performance ZFS NAS/SAN solution for any environment where uninterrupted access to data and applications is necessary. Targeted workloads include cloud, virtualized or tiered storage environments.