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Posted on April 4, 2017 by Rachel B
ARM servers from Pogo Linux

With ARM processors becoming so prevalent in our cell phones, it’s easy to forget they can excel in HPC too. The Acorn RISC Machine (later known as “Advanced RISC Machine” or ARM) architecture’s simplified design results in high density, exceptional power efficiency, and minimized heat. While these characteristics are ideal for low-power mobile devices, they can also be used to great advantage in the data center.

An Affordable Alternative to x86

Case in point: The Pogo Linux ARM R150-T62, pre-configured with dual 48-core 64-bit ARM processors, up to 1TB of DDR4 memory, and multiple 40GbE and 10GbE network interfaces. The high core counts and extended memory bandwidth make this system-on-chip (SoC) server the best in class for performance/$ and performance/watt. The ARM R150 is truly an affordable alternative to x86-based systems.


• Public & Private Cloud
• Content Delivery
• Web Caching
• Web Search
• Social Media Data Analytics

Cavium ThunderX_CP™ Processors

The ThunderX_CP™ product family is the best in class 64-bit ARMv8 Data Center & Cloud Processors, offering an unprecedented level of integration and industry leading SoC performance. These processors are based on highly efficient full custom processor cores designed by Cavium in 28nm process technology under architectural license from ARM. They are fully compliant with ARMv8 architecture as well as ARM’s Server Base System Architecture (SBSA) standard.


Affordable Processing Power to Spare

What could you accomplish with 96 cores of inexpensive processing power running in a cool and efficient rack mount server? Contact the Pogo Linux Sales Engineering Team to learn more about this exciting new platform. They can assess the needs of your organization and put together the perfect ARM-based solution for you.

Find your ideal ARM server

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