Ultimate Computing Power in a Nearly Silent Workstation

Posted on July 7, 2015 by admin

Maximum available computing power peacefully residing under your desk

Big computing doesn’t always happen at the data center. Sometimes you need maximum computing power right there at your desk. Unfortunately, being in same room as a maximum-performance PC can be like sharing a room with a jet engine.

Why are systems so loud?

As you probably know, computing power creates heat. Lots of heat. With modern PC components becoming smaller yet more powerful, they require a considerable amount of power to run. This power creates heat, especially under load. When sitting idly at the desktop, most modern PCs are not terribly loud. However, as soon as you start an application that requires a lot of system resources, the internal components heat up quickly.

In a typical PC, this heat is mitigated by a bevy of heatsinks and fans mounted on the CPU and in the computer chassis. As load increases and the CPU starts to heat up, the system increases the speed of the fans to compensate. This works well in a server room or data center environment, where noise is not a problem and there are HVAC systems in place to pull the heated air out of the building. This type of system tends to be unbearable in an environment where humans need to get work done.

2 Intel Xeon + CUBE = sleep like a baby

Water Cooling to the Rescue

At the behest of several clients, our engineering team here at Pogo has tackled these issues head-on. Enter the T12 Quiet Compute CUBE. This workstation delivers dual Intel® Xeon performance in a headache-free, no-sweat package that you’ll be happy to share an office with.

The CUBE’s secret weapon is the special closed loop water cooling system. No longer the exclusive domain of hardcore PC enthusiasts willing to take on a science project, water cooling has come of age. The cooling system used in The CUBE is factory sealed and requires zero maintenance. Utilizing a specially formulated coolant, the system conducts heat away from the CPU much more efficiently than plain water. As a result, the system can run extremely processor intensive applications, with barely any perceptible increase in noise.

Pogo Linux Tempest T12 CUBE As you might imagine, this system is very popular with universities and government laboratories. We have many happy users at the University of Washington that place a lot of value on the ability to run extremely complex scientific modeling simulations right there at their desk, while being able to concentrate on other work, or having on a quiet conversation!

  • Processing and I/O performance with no compromises 
    • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600v3 Processors / up to 1TB of DDR4 Memory
    • Huge selection of video cards and expansion cards
    • Up to eight SSD (or HDD) in optional RAID
  • Nearly silent operation
    • 100% Reliable / 0% maintenance closed-loop water cooling system
    • Quiet case fans
    • Low-noise 1300w power supply
    • Ultra efficient case

Configure your own Pogo Quiet Compute CUBE

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