Pogo Unveils syGlass Certified VR Workstations

Posted on January 1, 2018 by Rachel B
syGlass certified vr workstations

Today, we are proud to to unveil a new partnership! We have teamed up with IstoVisio to bring you an exclusive line of syGlass Certified VR workstations. syGlass is a scientific data visualization application that enables researchers to work hands-on with their data in a VR environment. These desktop systems are designed from the ground up to excel at resource-intensive scientific applications such as syGlass.

“One of our chief objectives at Pogo Linux is to make the setup of a new system effortless for our clients” said Erik Logan, CEO, Pogo Linux. “We are excited to meld this hardware methodology with the syGlass VR application for a terrific user experience, right out of the box.”

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syGlass VR Workstations from Pogo Linux

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