Cloudian Object Storage

Native AWS S3-compatible software-defined storage for large capacity data and applications.


Amazon S3-Backups - The S3 API

The Amazon S3 Application Programming Interface (S3 API) is the most common way in which data is stored, managed, and retrieved by object stores. Originally created for the Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service, the widely adopted S3 API is now the de facto standard for object storage.

Not All S3 APIs Are Equal

Compared with established file protocols such as NFS, the S3 API is relatively new and rapidly evolving. Among object storage vendors, S3 API compliance varies from below 50% to over 90%. This difference becomes material when an application — or an updated version of that app— fails due to S3 API incompatibility.

Cloudian is the only object storage private cloud solution with 100% native Amazon S3 support. Launched in 2011, Cloudian’s many years of S3 API development translate to the industry’s highest level of compliance. Employing a Cloudian AWS S3 backup delivers an object storage solution flexible and powerful for three reasons:

  • Standardization – With Cloudian, any object written using the S3 API can be used by other S3-enabled applications and object storage solutions; the existing code works out of the box.
  • Maturity – The S3 API provides a wide variety of features that meet virtually every need for an object store.
  • Simplicity – End users planning to deploy object stores can access the plentiful resources of the S3 community — both individuals and companies.

Systems can be customized perfectly to suit the needs of you and your valued customers. For more information about how a Cloudian Object Storage solution can exceed your expectations.

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