Cloudian Object Storage

Native AWS S3-compatible software-defined storage for large capacity data and applications.


Cloudian Overview

Unstructured data comes from everywhere – backup and archive, storage-as-a-service, media and entertainment, security and surveillance and bio/research data. Cloudian object storage provides scale-out, Amazon S3-compatible object storage for enterprise data centers. It delivers cost-effective, petabyte-scalable storage for the 80% of data that is accessed less frequently. Compared with traditional NAS storage, Cloudian is 70% less costly for:

  • Backup, archive, and data protection
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud DR
  • Media files (video, images)
  • Research data
  • Data privacy and compliance / Ransomware protection
  • Data shared across multiple sites

Storage Platforms & Appliances

HyperStore Xtreme


At 1.5PB in a 4U-high chassis, the HyperStore Xtreme provides 79% more storage density. Pack up to 18PB in a data center rack.

The dual controller design includes two independent cluster nodes in a single enclosure. Three appliances provide six independent nodes.

Fully redundant power and cooling, plus hot-swappable components.

Performance features include four 1.92TB SSDs for metadata, four Intel Xeon Silver processors, and eight 10Gb Ethernet ports.

HyperStore 4000 series

Up To 980TB

With dual controllers and 560TB to 980TB in 4U height, the 4000 Series packs two independent cluster nodes in one device.

Three appliances provide six independent nodes, ideal for erasure coding configurations.

Fully redundant power and cooling, plus hot-swappable components ensure high data availability.

Also included are four 1.92TB SSDs for metadata, four processors, and four 10Gb Ethernet ports.

HyperStore 1500 Series

Up To 168TB

The compact, 1U-high 1500 Series includes 96TB to 168TB capacity per appliance.

In this peer-peer architecture, clusters can start with just three appliances, and then grow limitlessly without disruption.

Each appliance includes dual 960GB SSDs for metadata, dual processors, and two 10Gb Ethernet ports.

Use Cloudian to Store 80% of “Cold Data”

Cloudian is best employed with data that is non-transactional. Cloudian complements “hot data” storage solutions such as Pure and Nutanix that store performance-sensitive data. With Cloudian HyperStore provides an on-premises, private cloud for a simple, modular and cost-effective solution that’s:

  • Scalable: Limitless petabyte scalability for capacity-intensive computing in a single storage pool. Just add Cloudian nodes for more capacity.
  • Fully-S3 Compliant: Cloudian is on-premise, cloud-compatible object storage that communicates via the Amazon S3 API, the defacto standard for cloud storage.
  • Hybrid & Multi-Cloud-compatible: Cloud integration that uses the same interface as Amazon S3.
  • Fully interoperable: Guaranteed interoperable with all applications that support Amazon S3. Industry’s most complete S3 support.
  • Data Streaming-Ready: Streaming write bandwidth of 18TB/hour (5GBs) with 16 nodes.
  • Geo distribution: Global single namespace to locate storage any place, manage from one place.
  • File support: SMB and NFS support with HyperFile NAS Controller software.
  • Durability: Cloudian can be geo-distributed and replicated across multiple regions.
  • Start small and grow: Start with a small configuration and grow without interruption.

Systems can be customized perfectly to suit the needs of you and your valued customers. For more information about how a Cloudian Object Storage solution can exceed your expectations.

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