OSNEXUS QuantaStor Hyperscale Storage Platform

From terabyte to petabyte, we can make your high-performance storage infrastructure easy to deploy and manage with OSNEXUS QuantaStor.



Veeam integrates flawlessly with QuantaStor SDS for backing up Vmware/Hyper-V, Windows workstations and servers, as well as Linux workstations and storage servers. Disaster recovery readiness is enhanced by the data management and control capabilities of the Veeam orchestration engine, combined with the scalability and ease of use of QuantaStor.

Benefits of QuantaStor plus Veeam:
  • Veeam Backup & Replication (including the free version for VMware and Hyper-V) can protect a combination of VMs, physical servers, workstations, and cloud instances. Protect part of your environment, secure your home laboratory, or use it for migrations at no additional cost.
  • Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows allows backup and recovery for Windows-based servers and workstations, regardless of location. Systems running on premises, remote or in the public cloud can all be easily backed up and recovered.
  • Veeam Agent for Linux is a simple backup agent that ensures the availability of Linux instances, regardless of location. They can easily be protected, whether they reside in the public cloud or on-prem.


The Docker Volume Plugin for QuantaStor provides easy creation, deployment, and management of persistent Docker containers. The plugin delivers excellent performance through the use of Docker native APIs and command line tools for containerized applications and stateful QuantaStor storage volumes. Enjoy persistent shared storage across containers, all manageable from a single pane of glass.


QuantaStor provides the easiest, fastest, and most reliable storage solution for OpenStack cloud deployments. QuantaStor integrates beautifully with Openstack with a pair of Cinder modules. One is designed for ZFS based storage pools and the other is for Ceph based storage pools.


QuantaStor’s Cloud Containers set up a NAS gateway to smoothly connect with Dropbox folders, as though they were S3 cloud storage buckets. Containers are readily accessible via NFS and SMB.

VMware Ready™

QuantaStor is designed for easy deployment and high availability in mission-critical production environments. QuantaStor is certified VMware Ready™. It has met stringent VMware interoperability standards and works efficiently with VMware cloud infrastructures. Advanced features are included, such as encryption, compression, and remote-replication.

Ansible Modules

Quickly implement Ansible playbooks to automate provisioning of file, block, and object storage in QuantaStor storage grids. This is a perfect solution for dynamic environments such as data analytics, continuous integration, and managed services.

Systems can be customized perfectly to suit the needs of you and your valued customers. Please contact our sales team for more information about how a QuantaStor solution can exceed your expectations.

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