QuantaStor Archive & Backup Solution Features

Data archive and backup policies protect critical data in the event of a major hardware failure that could be caused by events ranging from human error to a natural disaster. The OSNEXUS QuantaStor SDS platform provides scale-out technology while simplifying the archive, backup and recovery process.

Data Protection High Availability DR / Remote Replication
  • User defined snapshot schedules w/ no limitations up to system resource limits
  • Automatic failover in the event of hardware failure, loss of client connectivity, or loss of storage connectivity.
  • Async replication uses snapshots and differentials to minimize bandwidth and load
  • Bit-rot protection automatically corrects defects in underlying media
  • Supports scale-out active/active and scale-up active/passive pool configurations
  • No single point of failure / enables site-failover of mission critical workloads
  • Supports hardware RAID, software RAID, and hybrid combinations
  • No administrative intervention required
  • Customizable bandwidth limits with auto-rebalancing
  • Snapshots are “Mountable” (local or remotely)
    • Cascading replication and N-way replication supported
  • Built-in backup schedules

Additional QuantaStor Backup Features:
OS Nexus cloud storage simplified
  • Unlimited Free Snapshots
Data Transfers
  • Up to 64 Concurrent Backup Streams
unified storage
  • Affordable Scale-out Backup Storage
highly efficient disk utilization Highly Efficient Disk and Network Utilization
  secure data backup and archive Secure Data Backup and Archive

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