Why QuantaStor?

Software Defined Storage Made Easy and Affordable

QuantaStor is a unified Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform designed to scale-out and make storage management easy while reducing overall enterprise storage costs. By leveraging the unique attributes of an SDS architecture, QuantaStor has significant advantages over traditional proprietary systems. An open hardware design eliminates vendor lock-in and provides greater flexibility in deployment and interoperability with other components in the IT infrastructure. Let Pogo Linux help you design and deploy your ideal QuantaStor storage architecture.

QuantaStor HA Scale-up and Scale-Out architecture

By leveraging Software defined storage and open hardware, QuantraStor provides all the features commonly found in proprietary deployments, but without the vendor lock-in. QuantaStor is an ideal replacement for these traditional systems:

QuantaStor replaces:
NAS SAN Object
Netapp EqualLogic Scality
Isilon Nimble Cleversave
Panasa Dell Compellent SwiftStack
Full Enterprise Feature Set
A software solution will only work if it has the right features. QuantaStor provides all the tradtional features found in other leading products including unique offerings such as Grid technology.
Encryption High-Availability Remote-Replication
Snapshots Thin/Over-provisioning Compression
Deduplication SSD Caching Grid Technology
Unlimited Flexibility for Virtually Any Use Case
Virtualization Big Data Cloud Computing
Object Storage Back-Up/Archive Database

Powered by QuantaStor, the StorageDirector Q Series™ SAN+NAS network appliance is the industry's first ZFS-on-Linux storage solution. StorageDirector Q combines the OSNEXUS® QuantaStor Software Defined Storage platform with Pogo's expert support and open hardware, creating a high performance, scalable, and affordable Open Storage alternative to closed-platform legacy solutions.

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