Scale-Out Block Storage

QuantaStor's Scale-out Block Storage was designed specifically to simplify the deployment and management of high-performance storage for OpenStack. Using Ceph-based storage pools with hardware RAID to accelerate performance via NV-RAM and SSD read/write cache layers. QuantaStor provides the fastest, most reliable, and easiest to manage Ceph storage solution for OpenStack cloud deployments.

QuantaStor Scale-Out architecture with Appliance Grid

QuantaStor provides best-in-class scale-out block features
Protocol Support Supports active/active iSCSI & native Ceph RBD interface.
Typical Applications Video surveillance; media, cloud service providers, SaaS, telecommunications, healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, and government.
Use Cases File-based workflows which have high aggregate performance.
Management “Single pane of glass” for management of all clusters across the QuantaStor grid.
File System
  • Leverages Ceph technology.
Scalability Each cluster scales to 64PB and 64 nodes.

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