Scale-Out NAS Storage

Scale-out storage systems enable IT teams to add performance and capacity incrementally, perform non-disruptive data migrations, and take better advantage of rapidly declining storage media costs. QuantaStor Grid management technology enables scale-out by linking appliances together so that they can be managed as a single unit which spans sites and data centers.  Appliances within a grid can be comprised of a heterogeneous mix of hardware and may include multiple independent scale-out NAS clusters.

QuantaStor Scale-Out architecture with Appliance Grid

QuantaStor is a complete scale-out NAS solution
Protocol Support Supports NFS v3/v4, SMB 2.X, SMB 3, and Gluster Client side native interface.
Typical Applications Home Directories, Big Data, Data-lakes; Tier 2 archive (with SATA); Rendering; HPC batch jobs (with SSD/SAS)
Use Cases File-based workflows which have high aggregate performance.
Management “Single pane of glass” for management of the entire cluster.
Scalability Each cluster scales to 64PB and 64 nodes.

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