OSNEXUS Certified AMD EPYC Storage Platform

Posted on August 8, 2017 by Rachel B
OSNEXUS Certified AMD EPYC Storage Server

OSNEXUS has just certified the Storage Director Q2E for their QuantaStor SDS platform, making this the first AMD™ EPYC™ system to receive the designation. The recently unveiled AMD EPYC processor has shown great promise as a storage platform and this promise has just been realized with the Pogo Linux Storage Director Q2E software defined storage (SDS) node. “The new…

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AMD is back!

Posted on June 6, 2017 by admin
AMD Returns with EPYC

For many years, AMD has been dormant; its most recent generation of processors (Opteron) launching over five years ago. In the intervening years, the competition has steadily moved forward, removing the AMD Opteron processor from consideration for new server deployments. With the launch of the EPYC processor series, this has all changed. Not only does…

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Intel introduces new Kaby Lake Core i7 CPUs

Posted on March 3, 2017 by admin
7th Gen Intel Core i7 Now Available

All compatible Pogo Linux workstations can now be configured with Intel’s brand new 7th generation Core i7 processors (aka Kaby Lake). Iterating on their outstanding Skylake architecture, Intel has made a number of optimizations. Here is a quick rundown of features for these new processors. Improved 14 nm+ manufacturing process Faster clock speeds – up…

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Global Namespaces, Simplified

Posted on March 3, 2017 by Rachel B
Pogo Linux Storage Director Q featuring QuantaStor by OSNEXUS

As storage environments grow and appliances are added to expand capacity, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to manage their data across disparate sets of storage appliances. This, in turn, slows productivity. One traditional approach to solving this data management problem has been to use scale-out NAS solutions that provide visibility to all NAS shares…

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NexentaStor 4.0: Coming soon to a software defined data center near you

Posted on February 2, 2014 by psadmin
NexentaStore 4.0 Introduction

Nexenta has just announced their next generation software defined storage solution, NexentaStor 4.0. Representing another large step away from expensive traditional closed storage systems, Nexenta continues their campaign to lower TCO for scalable enterprise storage. No more M.E.S.S. (Massively Expensive Storage Systems) Increasing performance while simultaneously decreasing cost is a stronger mandate than ever for…

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