Pogo Linux and Pogo Storage Are Proud Supporters of the Courage Classic

Posted on August 8, 2012 by psadmin
Courage Classic Logo

Building the best server and Nexenta storage solutions is our passion and focus here at Pogo, but we also understand the importance of taking a moment every so often to support our community.

One of our Pogo alums will be riding in the 21st Annual Courage Classic Bicycle Tour, a unique bicycling adventure happening this weekend. The route is 173 miles in three days — crazy, right?!

Crazy GOOD! The ride will benefit the Child Abuse Intervention Department at the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, and the statewide Children’s Trust Foundation.  Both organizations work to “stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect in our communities,” and support abused children and their families.

When Pogo’s current “Penguins” heard about their friend’s ride, they got together and made a contribution, and the company did too. It feels great to support these organizations, and the work that they do.

The event starts this Saturday, August 4th — to learn more about the ride or to make a contribution, click on the link below:

Courage Classic Main Page