SCaLE 13x Recap and More

Cascadia IT Conference

Join us next week for the Cascadia IT Conference

Our busy trade show schedule continues with the Cascadia IT Conference, next Friday and Saturday, March 13 & 14 at the Hotel Deca, Seattle. Here’s the official synopsis of the show: “A gathering of professionals from the diverse IT community in the Pacific Northwest to learn, share ideas, and network. We go by many titles but everyone is invited: System administrators, network administrators, network engineers, Windows, Linux, Unix, DBAs, etc. The conference includes panels, presentations, invited speakers and keynotes, as well as training by top-notch experts.”

Along with reconnecting with our friends in the northwest IT community, we’re also looking forward to hearing the great speakers at CasITConf. Here are just a few notable examples:

• Magic, Myth, and the DevOps – Jennifer Davis
• Mr Miyagi’s DevOps Dojo – George Miranda
• How To Not Get Paged: Managing Oncall to Reduce Outages – Tom Limoncelli
• Painlessly Discovering and Monitoring all the Things – Alan Robertson

There is still time to sign up, but conference slots are filling up, so don’t delay!

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SCaLE 13x Post-Show Recap

Well, the dust has settled after another successful SoCal Linux Expo. Last weekend, we made our annual pilgrimage to the Hilton LAX for the largest community Linux Expo on the west coast. We always enjoy checking in on the Linux community, making new friends,  reconnecting with old ones, and giving away great prizes.

SCaLE 13x Pogo prize winners

The Talks

A couple of weeks ago on this blog, we called out a number of talks at SCaLE that we expected to be particularly informative and entertaining. Since we know that not all our readers were able to make it to the show, we are happy to be able to share all of those talks with you right here and now!

Hacking your car — the easy way Why Scale Up is Like Star Trek and Scale Out is Like Star Wars Introduction to OpenStack
Hacking Your Car Star Trek and Star Wars OpenStack

How to Thoroughly Insult and Offend People in Your Open Source Communities Gluster Quickstart Sunday Keynote
Insult and Offend Gluster Keynote

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